Adds DOS compatibility to your Pocket Computer  

Latest Version: v1.12.3
Released: 1 August 2009


Improved compatibility
Support for latest devices

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Ordering PocketDOS with Datalight ROM-DOS 6.22

How to register:

  • Open Control Panel or Settings on your pocket computer.
    Open the Owner item and make sure the Owner Name* is set correctly.

    * Once you have registered PocketDOS, changing the Owner Name will invalidate your Unlock Code.

  • Install and start PocketDOS on your pocket computer.
    Make a note of the eight or nine letter System ID* displayed on the PocketDOS startup screen.

    * Required - make sure the Owner Name is set correctly before making a note of the System ID.

  • Select the type of license you require:

  • Once your order has been processed you will be supplied with an Unlock Code to unlock your copy of PocketDOS, as well as other important information regarding your registration.

    If you do not receive an Unlock Code within 48 hours, contact ShareIt via their Customer Care Center

  • If you made a mistake entering the information when you registered PocketDOS, upgrade your pocket computer, or need to change the Owner Name, you can request a new unlock code here.

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