Adds DOS compatibility to your Pocket Computer  

Latest Version: v1.12.3
Released: 1 August 2009


Improved compatibility
Support for latest devices

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'...opens up a world of new possibilities for Handheld PC users.'
PocketPC Magazine Review

'...could be one of the most important programs for the WinCE platform yet.'
PC Format Preview - 87%

' invaluable in providing a link to that vast array of well written DOS based legacy programs.'
PDA Dash Review - 8/10

'... does the almost impossible and does it very effectively.'
PocketPCcity Review

'...a great utility for running legacy apps.'
Windows Marketplace Review - 4/5

' essential utility...'
PocketPC Magazine 2003 Best Software Awards

PocketDOS is a powerful virtual PC software environment for your pocket computer that allows you to run a DOS operating system and have instant access to many DOS applications* on your pocket computer, whilst simultaneously allowing the use of the pocket computer's native applications. PocketDOS also allows DOS applications to access serial ports, built-in modems, infrared ports, bluetooth devices, removable storage disks, touchscreens and shared network resources, and allows file sharing between the pocket computer's native applications and DOS applications.

* Intel 8086/80186/80286 (real-mode only) compatible using CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA, HP-LX or text display modes

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