Adds DOS compatibility to your Pocket Computer  

Latest Version: v1.12.3
Released: 1 August 2009


Improved compatibility
Support for latest devices

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Virtual PC Environment Specifications
  • Intel 8086/80186/80286 (real-mode only)*
    * other CPU types available using 3rd party CPU plug-in modules
  • 256Kb - 736Kb (adjustable) base memory
  • Allows up to 724Kb free Conventional Memory for DOS programs*
  • 0Kb - 240Kb (adjustable) Upper Memory Block (UMB) memory
  • 64Kb High Memory Area (HMA) memory
  • Up to 15Mb Extended Memory (L.I.M. XMS 2.0)
  • Up to 16Mb Expanded Memory (L.I.M. EMS 4.0)
    * depends on DOS version
IBM CGA/VGA emulation :
  • 40x25 Colour or Grayscale text
  • 80x25 Colour or Grayscale text*
  • 320x200 4 Colour or Grayscale Graphics Mode
  • 640x200 Monochrome Graphics Mode**
  • 320x200 16 Colour Graphics Mode
  • 640x200 16 Colour Graphics Mode*
  • 640x350 Monochrome Graphics Mode*
  • 640x350 16 Colour Graphics Mode*
  • 640x480 Monochrome Graphics Mode*
  • 640x480 16 Colour Graphics Mode*
  • 320x200 256 Colour Graphics Mode***
    * compressed on displays < 480 pixels wide
    ** compressed on displays < 640 pixels wide
    *** greyscale on displays with < 16 bit colour
VESA SuperVGA (VBE 1.2) emulation :
  • 640x480 256 Colour Graphics Mode*
  • 640x400 256 Colour Graphics Mode*
  • 640x200 256 Colour Graphics Mode*
    * compressed on displays < 640 pixels wide
    * greyscale on displays with < 16 bit colour
HP Palmtop INT5F emulation :
  • 640x200 Monochrome Graphics Mode*
    * compressed on displays < 640 pixels wide
    * accelerated with Win32 GDI functions.
IBM PC/XT harware emulation:
  • Keyboard emulation (83 keys)
  • Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC) emulation
  • Programmable Timer (PIT) emulation
  • Serial port (UART) emulation
  • Parallel port emulation
  • PC speaker emulation
  • 180Kb, 360Kb, 720Kb, 1.2Mb, 1.44Mb, 2.88Mb INT13 Floppy disk emulation
  • 2Mb-250Mb INT13 Hard disk emulation
  • INT13 access to storage class devices (eg. CompactFlash card)
OS compatibility:
  • Compatible with Datalight ROM-DOS v6.22*
  • Compatible with all versions of MS-DOS (up to v6.22)
  • Compatible with all versions of IBM PC-DOS
  • Compatible with all versions of Caldera OpenDOS and DR-DOS*
  • Compatible with all versions of PTS-DOS (up to v6.70)
  • Compatible with CEDOS v1.0
  • Compatible with FreeDOS**
  • Compatible with MS-Windows v3.0
  • Compatible with GEOS
  • Compatible with several non-DOS operating systems
    * evaluation version included
    ** bootable & full versions included
ROM BIOS emulation:
  • Native ROM BIOS to increase speed.
  • All standard BIOS interrupts are emulated, including keyboard, comms, printer, disks and video.
Mouse emulation:
  • Built-in DOS INT33 mouse driver for stylus or other pointing device.
  • PS/2 Mouse BIOS emulation.
COM port emulation:
  • Serial ports, modems and IR ports can be used as COM1 & COM2 from emulation.
LPT port emulation:
  • LPT1 port can be redirected to a serial, parallel, IR or network printer.
Native OS file system access:
  • DOS driver and utilities to allow access to the pocket computer's native file system through DOS drive letters.
  • Windows CE file system driver to allow direct access to storage class devices (eg. CompactFlash card).
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