Adds DOS compatibility to your Pocket Computer  

Latest Version: v1.12.3
Released: 1 August 2009


Improved compatibility
Support for latest devices

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Miscellaneous Downloads

Replacement Fonts for PocketDOS

To install a font file:
  1. Download and UnZIP the font file
  2. Transfer the PocketDOS.FNT file to the PocketDOS program folder (eg. \Program Files\PocketDOS)
  3. Shut down and restart PocketDOS to load the new font

To create your own font file:
  1. Download and UnZIP the US font file
  2. Open the font file in a bitmap editor (eg. Windows Paintbrush)
  3. Modify the font (refer to the other font files available here for examples)
  4. Save the font as a Monochrome Windows Bitmap (.BMP) file
  5. Rename the font file (if necessary) to PocketDOS.FNT
  6. Follow the directions above to install the font file

Fonts currently available for download

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